Highest quality // fabric technology

How Monreal London will actually improve your performance.

Our fabrics make you faster, fitter and flex better. Really.

Don’t be fooled by the refined aesthetic and subtly sexy cuts: We take working out very, very seriously and never sacrifice peak performance for style. We insist on both because we know you do too. 

Our founder Stefani Grosse’s background as a fashion designer for luxury brands instilled in her a fastidious eye for quality and an appreciation for beautiful fabrics that look as great as they feel, and her lifetime of tennis training taught her that activewear has to deliver on its promises. 

So, Monreal only uses high-performance fabrics from Italy and Switzerland that are as luxurious as they are technical. These technical jerseys are breathable, easy-care, anti-crease and quick-drying.

Throughout the collection we use fabrics with hydrophilic technology (that means they love moisture, and soak it right up), to absorb moisture from the skin and quickly transport it to the fabric’s surface, allowing constant evaporation and producing a cooling and drying effect on the skin. This effect actually prohibits the spreading of bacteria, which causes bad smells and itches. 

Our materials have an extraordinarily soft hand feel, making it possible to create garments that wear like second skin without losing elasticity and shape retention.

The dynamic four-way stretch fabrics enable styles like the Athlete Leggings to hold their shape and mould around the body, while the innovative mild compression jersey we use in some leggings, including the Sprinter Leggings, supports the body and stimulates blood flow to help reduce lactic acid formation during exercise and prevents delayed onset muscle soreness. And if this wasn’t enough, this material is actually sustainable as it’s made of a polyamide yarn derived from 100% recycled materials!

Prefer to workout in the outdoors? We’ve got you covered there too, with our Polyamide Elastane fabrics, which have a high SPF 50+ UV filter and are resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils. 

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