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Creative Director Stefanï Grosse teamed up with renowned lifestyle and fashion photographer Heather Favell to collaborate on a stop motion art project, featuring highlight pieces from Monreal’s  Spring Summer 2019 Collection.

Take a look at the amazing outcome and read more about the photographer, the art director/ stylist Maria Serra and the model DJ Henri.

Model // DJ Henri

Henri Tiefenthaler, world renowned DJ Henri, is known for spinning eclectic sets and always leaving her audience captivated and hungry for more. She has DJ’d for the world’s top fashion brands including Chanel, Versace, Marc Jacobs and The British Fashion Council. A regular performer at both London and New York Fashion Weeks and music ambassador for the Faena Hotel Miami Beach.

The soundtrack: DJ Henri ‘It’s like this, it’s like that’

Photographer // Heather Favell

Why did you collaborate with Monreal on this art project?

Maria also styled Monreal’s SS19 campaign shoot and we both felt that the brand’s sports luxe spirit suited the modern concept of the project.

What’s the process for making a stop motion video piece and what is the difference to a more traditional fashion photoshoot?

A stop motion shoot is virtually the same process as a ‘normal ’photoshoot. However, with stop motion you need sequences, shot on higher frame rates, to capture the motion. We also use constant lighting so there are no restrictions with flash recharge speed.

Why did you choose Henri as the model for this project?

Henri is the epitome of a woman of the 21st century. Strong within herself and the image she portrays. Paired with a brand like Monreal, it was the perfect combination.

What inspires you daily?

People who respect the planet and can smile at a stranger!

Stylist // Maria Serra

What inspired your choices for the styling of this project and why Monreal clothing in particular?

I’ve known Stefani for a while, I greatly respect her as a person and her brand. Up until this point our work schedules have never allowed us to be able to collaborate. So when the opportunity arose to suggest a personal project, I jumped at asking the question, the rest is history.
The choice of outfit(s) was a collaborative one, Henri has a great sense of personal style. The blurred boundaries of active wear, lifestyle, and fashion has allowed us to be subversive in our approach.

Tell us about that gold cape?

It’s a magic cape…

One memorable moment from the shoot?

It’s an outtake for a lighting test, Liam cycling with a March hare mask.

Favourite keep fit activity?

Tennis or yoga. My friends will read this and pull me up on the fib, I barely do any exercise.

The heels? 

Misbhv – Monogram Black Leather Ankle Boot.

Get all the looks worn by Henri

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