Vogue Magazine US April 2013

Holding Court

When it comes to dressing stylishly on the court, tennis players have recently been at an extreme disadvantage. But designer Stefani Grosse of Monreal London has served an ace on stale, throwback looks with her new line of eight sleek, colour-blocked dresses, shorts, and jackets, inspired by both the modernity of Jil Sander ("When I was growing up in Germany, she was my idol," says Grosse who was raised in Hanau) and the iconic seventies Athena pinup of Fiona Walker slinking toward the net with her dress hiked up - an image Grosse recalls hanging in her trainer's office when she first swung a racket at the age of give. "That cool picture was always in the back of my mind," says the former Calvin Klein and Donna Karen designer. "For most of us, tennis is about looking good and keeping fit - not winning the U.S Open." That said, Grosse, 42, who competes for multiple London clubs, knows firsthand how her eye-catching pieces perform: "I'm a real tennis player," she says "I don't want ruffles everywhere; people won't take me seriously." Instead, her pared-back collection, tagged with her mother's maiden name, is cut from breathable, sweat-resistant Italian jersey-some pieces even feature built-in sports bras - yet is flattering enough to zip around in even when the match it over. "Sport is just another aspect of our wardrobes," Grosse says, "Why treat it differently than dressing for anything else?"