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What the way we manufacture our collections means to you (aka manufacturing jargon decoded)

Our founder, Stefanï Grosse, picked up her first tennis racket when she was five and, while her passion for the sport is as strong as ever, her path led her away from the professional tennis circuit towards a career as a fashion designer, eventually working with Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. That means she is fanatical about two things: performance and style. Because she knows about both. 

Monreal London uses technologically advanced manufacturing methods in Europe, including a no-sew heat-sealing technique for a streamlined and seamless appearance that reduces chafing (runners love this); laser-cut hems for a skin-tight finish and edges that will never fray; and cutting-edge techniques for foil transfers and sublimation printing that give a high quality, vibrant, durable finish that does not fade or come away with washing or exposure to the sun.

Our Portuguese seamless knit garments are extremely comfortable and supportive, allowing total freedom of body movement. Besides the fact that seamless styles fit perfectly to the wearers body, they feel like a second glove. This doesn’t inhibit the wearing during activities as there is no chafing or seams that may cause distraction and discomfort. The garments offer ribbed panels, ensuring optimum fit, and maximum comfort.

And then there’s our fabrics, which work little scientific miracles every time you break a sweat or make a move. But that’s another story

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